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Tapjoy streamlines customer support workflow and speeds process by 7x with Skuid



Tapjoy streamlines customer support workflow and speeds process by 7x with Skuid

Tapjoy is a mobile advertising company with monetization solutions for advertiser partners focused on creating the best consumer experience. The company’s global platform lets consumers engage with advertiser offers to earn rewards in their favorite apps. Despite its success, Tapjoy relied on a heavily manual process to keep these programs afloat. The company needed to automate its many tasks and workflows to reduce its support team’s time and effort. Using Skuid, Tapjoy created an app and dashboard view, reducing reliance on spreadsheets, and processing weekly case files seven times faster.


spreadsheets consolidated into 1 app


time savings in advertiser verification process


time savings of a full-time employee’s work

Skuid enabled us to take a disjointed process and simplify it within an easy-to-use and intuitive dashboard.
Nikita Sang
Nikita Sang

Tapjoy Senior Operations Analyst


Through its Rewarded Video ads and Offerwall solutions, Tapjoy works with advertisers to reach their ideal mobile audience. Tapjoy’s offerings reward mobile app users for engaging with ads on their own terms. Advertisers integrate and customize Tapjoy products to boost revenue, improve engagement, and increase user retention.

Running these programs requires close coordination with advertisers and Tapjoy’s verified by advertiser (VBA) process was a time-consuming effort.

To obtain weekly verification, the company’s support team manually collected award data in Salesforce, entered it in Excel spreadsheets, and emailed 50 separate spreadsheets to advertisers for approval. Each VBA file took 3.5 hours to process. 

As with any manual effort, input errors caused issues and 97% of service tickets claimed the consumer didn’t receive their reward. Support staff struggled to process tickets quickly, which also delayed consumer awards.

Tapjoy needed an agile and efficient way to improve the employee, advertiser, and consumer experience. It required a seamless process for creating and delivering apps that put the human experience front and center.


Using Skuid helped Tapjoy streamline its VBA support process within a single app, where advertisers could quickly verify customer tickets and give the final approval to award consumers.

“The main focus during the app creation process was building a simplified user experience that integrated the various Excel spreadsheets we had from Salesforce,” says Nikita Sang, Senior Operations Analyst at Tapjoy.

“We needed to streamline the gathering of data, and the coordinating and sharing of information among team members, and ultimately, to our advertisers. We were able to simplify and expedite the advertiser approval process, which gets the awards to consumers faster, creating a better user experience for everyone.”

The support team now easily accesses, processes, and distributes all VBA ticket activity through a single dashboard. The VBA app provides detailed information for managing the ticket escalation process, including account owner, ticket status, tasks, and seamlessly automates the entire process and critical functions.

Nikita says, “This has been really helpful because in the past, we were sending 50 Excel files back and forth to different advertisers. So, Skuid has really helped with cutting down that work. We took a disjointed process and simplified it within an easy-to-use and intuitive dashboard.”

The support team can also search VBA tickets using information about the consumer, advertiser, or the offer value amount. Award values are treated differently, with the higher values having priority. The new app functionality includes a ticket’s dollar value threshold as filter criteria the company uses to determine how VBAs are processed for escalation. 


With the VBA app, Tapjoy’s support organization saw immediate improvements. The new app saves 25% of one full-time employee’s work.

“Our team members really like the usability and integrated processes because it allows them to spend less time processing tickets and more time working on projects that help improve the customer experience,” says Nikita.

The time to process the files using the Skuid app has gone from 3.5 hours to just 30 minutes. This three-hour savings represents a 7x improvement and is paying great dividends to the company. 

Since implementing the app, Tapjoy’s support operations have dramatically improved. Reporting accuracy is up, workflows and processes are easier to track, and the user experience is smooth and consistent for both the Tapjoy team and advertisers.

By automating and optimizing the advertiser award verification process, Tapjoy has also seen a significant time reduction in support ticket processing. Paired with other optimization efforts, the team has decreased SLAs from one week down to three days. 

“The time savings wasn’t the only benefit to our support team,” Nikita says. “The Skuid dashboard brings together all the manual and previously separate objects, flows, jobs, and steps associated with a case file and presents them within an easily viewable page on the screen.”

“The app has enabled greater scalability while consolidating and making transparent the tribal knowledge previously held in the heads of project owners.”

– Nikita Sang, Tapjoy Senior Operations Analyst

Tapjoy streamlines customer support workflow and speeds process by 7x with Skuid
Tapjoy streamlines customer support workflow and speeds process by 7x with Skuid

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