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BioTissue revitalizes its sales process with Skuid



BioTissue revitalizes its sales process with Skuid

BioTissue develops regenerative medicine products using amniotic and umbilical tissues. When its complicated ordering experience needed an overhaul to help sales reps and customers alike, the company used Skuid to build a custom CPQ app in just eight weeks.




weeks to deployment


consumer-grade app replaces complicated process with numerous touchpoints

Our reps love a performance boost because it means they're quicker and faster out in the field.
Nick Labrada
Nick Labrada

BioTissue Sales System Manager


BioTissue, formerly TissueTech, develops regenerative medicine products using amniotic and umbilical tissues. More than 600,000 people to date have benefited from its therapies. 

Unfortunately, the company's cumbersome ordering process made it difficult for sales reps to get its products to healthcare professionals. To place an order, reps had to collect nearly 20 data points for customer service, where the order was finalized. With multiple touches to move the process along, there was little room for error—not ideal for products requiring overnight shipping to remain viable. 

As the company grew, so did the challenges with its sales process. Both the pricing model and approval management became more complex. Sales System Manager Nick Labrada and his team developed an order form to help, but it wasn’t linked to Salesforce, making for a heavily manual ordering process.

“A rep would have Salesforce open on their phone and then be typing the data needed to place an order into their iPad,” says Nick.


Using Skuid, Nick and his team built a CPQ (configure, price, quote) app with an order management wizard that helps sales reps through the order process. 

The main focus during development was creating a simple user experience that integrated with Salesforce, making rapid order fulfillment a reality. Another goal was streamlining the approval management process and achieving payment card industry (PCI) compliance so sales reps could process payments while taking orders.

With the new app, reps begin by selecting a product and the shopping cart provides up-to-date information using data in Salesforce. The rep can then enter the price and quantity, which is made simpler by a new ability to look up the customer’s pricing history. 

When reps need to identify the correct customer for the order, the app can also retrieve a list of physicians associated with a practice. The rep can then designate a favorite who will be at the top of the form to make the next order even easier.

The system provides instant validation as the order is prepared, calling attention to issues like an invalid shipping date or missing address. It takes advantage of Salesforce encryption so reps can select the correct credit card on file for payment in a secure way. They can also add a new card securely, plus other information like the shipping address, instead of depending on customer service to do it for them.

Skuid also helped simplify the approval process when it came to discrepancies. If a rep needs to discount a product, they can select the reason from a simple dropdown menu, which prevents email back and forth with customer service. And where no approval is required, the rep can complete the order in the field instead of sending it to customer service.


Despite the lengthy list of features required, BioTissue built the new app using Skuid in just eight weeks. During the build process, Nick’s team was also able to transition from Skuid v1 to v2, unlocking even more features.

Using the Skuid Design System Studio, BioTissue made some major user experience improvements, too.

“In v1 we had a great app. It was a great design, but it had a lot built on top of it. But that all changed with v2’s Design System Studio.

“You're not worrying about the color scheme because you already have it pre-built. Now, you want to do other color schemes? You can go and have multiple if you'd like. I think the real treat moving from v1 to v2 for me was that designability…” says Nick.

With v2, BioTissue also saw an immediate performance improvement. “Our reps love a performance boost because it means they're quicker and faster out in the field,” Nick says.

BioTissue has dramatically improved its sales process since implementing the new CPQ app. Reporting accuracy is up, sales KPIs are easier to track, and user experience is smooth for both reps and customers.

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