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Vail Resorts simplifies on- and off-boarding with Skuid 

Vail Resorts

Vail Resorts

Vail Resorts simplifies on- and off-boarding with Skuid 

As a vacation property company based in Colorado, Vail Resorts employs a significant seasonal workforce. Bringing this large temporary employee base up to speed on HR processes, business policies, and overall logistics was a huge task marked by paper forms and manual entry. To streamline its employee on- and off-boarding procedures, the Vail Resorts team partnered with Skuid.


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Colorado-based Vail Resorts is a mountain resort rental company, offering a variety of properties for vacationers year-round. However, the skiing season is a particularly busy time for hospitality-based businesses in the area, as are the warmer months. As a result, Vail Resorts hired a sizable seasonal workforce each year – 15,000 individuals, to be exact.

This high hiring volume was a major strain on Vail’s PeopleSoft HR platform, creating massive peaks in demand and a long backlog for HR support and services. To make matters more challenging, seasonal staff did not have access to company-provided technology for accessing HR self-service apps. 

To address this issue, Vail Resorts considered creating a native smartphone app that would allow seasonal workers to access PeopleSoft Self-Service on their own devices. However, that solution was cost-prohibitive. Any option that would involve additional infrastructure or significant changes to their existing PeopleSoft instance was out as well. So, the Vail team turned to Skuid to create a new PeopleSoft HR self-service solution. 


Using Skuid, Vail Resorts created mobile-optimized, responsive web applications that worked seamlessly across all devices. All employees, including temporary and seasonal hires, were able to quickly and conveniently access these upgraded apps via their personal smartphones and tablets. 

Vail Resorts had been concerned that any new system would be training-heavy. With some employees joining for just a few months, a steep learning curve simply wouldn’t be worth it. The new solution was so intuitive and easy-to-use that training wasn’t required. 


Vail Resorts’s partnership with Skuid was a massive success. The updated PeopleSoft self-service apps eliminated paper forms, manual entry, and HR kiosk locations, allowing Vail to rapidly and cost-effectively manage peak staffing periods. Using Skuid, they were able to do all of this with no additional infrastructure or changes to the overall PeopleSoft platform. 

Best of all, the Skuid solution made seasonal staff turnover quicker, more efficient, and much less of a hassle.

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