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Volga-Dnepr redefines the supply chain experience.

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Volga-Dnepr is a global market leader specializing in movements of unique and oversized air cargo. The company’s Engineering and Logistics Center (ELC) team needed a simpler, more intuitive vendor management process to deliver faster, higher-quality value-add services to their customers. By partnering with Rosetree Solutions, Volga-Dnepr used Skuid to build a custom solution in just a few months that skyrocketed productivity and efficiency.


Users are working 2-3 times faster than previously


Process time reduced by 60-80%, Project completion in 3 months

With Skuid, we empower our sales staff to deliver the most efficient logistics solutions to our customers and partners.
Giorgi Gelovani
Giorgi Gelovani

Marketing and Systems Implementation Project Manager, Volga-Dnepr


Volga-Dnepr delivers world-class logistics services and plays an integral part in their customers’ logistics supply chain. In addition to providing core services from the company’s own wheelhouse, Volga-Dnepr also solicits services from vendors and packages them for their customers, creating a one-stop shop for all of their transportation and logistics needs.

The company’s charter sales department has well-developed tools that they can leverage on an everyday basis to offer and calculate pricing for the customers, with the ability to take multiple factors into consideration. However, Marketing and Systems Implementation Project Manager Giorgi Gelovani found that the company’s Engineering and Logistics team did not have such tools—impacting the quality and speed of the service they were able to deliver. These teams didn’t have the ability to quickly solicit quotes from multiple vendors, or to be able to offer a door-to-door solution to customers.

After evaluating several approaches to simplifying this process, it quickly became clear to Giorgi that this endeavor would be expensive, time-consuming, and take up lots of valuable resources. Using traditional methods, to create the custom vendor management system that the ELC team needed, it would take about nine months to develop.


Volga-Dnepr found Skuid through Skuid partner Rosetree Solutions, who used the platform to build an impressive proof-of-concept for the company in a matter of hours.

“Luckily, we ran into Skuid,” says Giorgi. “This platform allows us to customize exactly what we want, as far as our processes and our workflow go, to make it a tool that actually is fit for our purposes.”

Through Rosetree, Volga-Dnepr used the Skuid platform to design, develop, and deploy a custom vendor management solution in just three months.

Before Skuid, the quote solicitation process from a vendor required unique effort from the logistics person for each individual vendor. One email, one quote, one type of service requested.

With the new application, engineering and logistics personnel now have a highly streamlined process. Now, engineering sales staff are able to solicit multiple quotes from multiple vendors, for multiple services. Logistics personnel can manage their daily activities all from one single page in Skuid, with all the relevant dashboards, all the shipments that they need to track, and all the quote solicitations that are still outstanding.


Volga-Dnepr has seen dramatic improvements in productivity and efficiency since deploying the application built with Skuid—all of which translate to better experiences for their customers. The company estimates users are working 2–3 times faster because they don’t have to do as many clicks and go to as many pages, in order to accomplish the same task. Where processes previously took five minutes to complete (which add up quickly), they now take 1–2 minutes, maximum.

The company also sees an improvement in record keeping, easier day-to-day work management, and better records retention. They even introduced new vendor qualification and compliance capabilities, built-in within the system.

By accelerating these workflows, Volga-Dnepr is able to offer a much wider set of solutions to customers, at a much more competitive price point. “With these tools, we empower our sales staff to deliver the most efficient logistics solutions to our customers and partners,” Giorgi says.

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