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Case Study: AEI (Non-profit)

Skuid brings “tears of joy” to AEI.

The American Enterprise Institute (AEI) needed a way to display the company’s constituent data—from multiple departments. The company also needed to build custom interfaces with its current enterprise software but didn’t have the option of hiring a full-time Salesforce developer. Using Skuid, AEI built several custom pages for donation and event management, as well as a community website for donors.


AEI is growing very quickly, and IT innovation manager Meredith Meyers and her team were looking for ways to streamline their gift and event management processes.

“The whole reason we went with Salesforce is because we wanted to be able to look at all of the information we had about our constituents at the same time, and were drawn by the extensive configurability of the platform and the broad system of vendors and apps,” says Meredith.

Although the institute switched to Salesforce to consolidate constituent data from several systems, AEI did not have an easy way to display the information they needed in an intuitive and user-friendly way.

AEI has ten different departments using Salesforce, and users need to see different information. For example, each constituent record has hundreds of fields, but using the standard Salesforce interface forced users to scroll through long lists of information to view details relevant to their jobs.

Meredith also wanted to create a community website so they could do more outreach to their donors. But they couldn’t find templates they liked, and Salesforce’s Community Builder didn’t meet their needs. AEI’s developers didn’t have the bandwidth to build a separate website that interacted with Salesforce.

“Building a donor community was a big lift for us, and we were hoping that we could use these templates and create a website. But the templates weren’t very flexible or very attractive, and we had issues connecting to all of our data,” says Meredith.


When Meredith discovered Skuid—a no-code, drag and drop app development platform—she felt surprised and relieved. She thought, “Wow, something that was looking like it was going to take us months to develop could be developed by me, who has limited developer skills, in the course of a couple of weeks.”

Meredith says that Skuid’s implementation process was as simple as installing it in Salesforce and getting started. “Skuid’s documentation was awesome, so it was pretty easy to figure out how to use it,” she says.

Using Skuid, Meredith and her team were able to solve their user experience problems by showing related lists and multiple objects on one page, which saved time for their “power users” in their Conferences and Development teams.


Meredith says it’s hard to even compare the change in speed of development because it’s so dramatic. A calendar widget she built with Skuid in 15 minutes would’ve taken at least 2 months of development time with custom code. Now, Salesforce administrators can quickly make changes as AEI continues to grow and its needs change.

Because they can develop faster, Meredith’s team is rolling out apps that make employees more productive. Before Skuid, the event check-in process was very manual and took up to 10 minutes. With their new event check-in app, it takes 5-10 seconds.

“Tears of joy.” Meredith says that’s how AEI feels about Skuid. A lot of the excitement came from users with Salesforce experience because they know how difficult it was to use before. “They see the benefit of Skuid and love that their work takes a tenth of the time. So, it was really easy to get buy-in from everyone.” The impact is clear across the organization, and other internal departments are asking for personalized apps to meet their needs.

“We are doing things with Skuid—quickly and easily—that we would never even attempt before,” Meredith says.

“Skuid makes it a lot easier to get to the information we need. It streamlines everything.”

Meredith Meyers, IT Innovation Manager, AEI