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Case Study: CAS (Non-Profit)

CAS-Carrera increases grants by $7 million.

The Carrera Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Program (CAS-Carrera) is an evidence-based program of the Children’s Aid Society that helps young people avoid becoming parents during the second decade of their lives. With Skuid, CAS-Carrera created an innovative user interface that has cut staff data-entry time by 50%. In addition, program managers can now view mission-critical data on one screen with helpful visualizations that eliminated the need for multiple cumbersome reports.


CAS-Carrera needed to track the effectiveness of its youth development programs more easily and quickly. Previously CAS Carrera had different systems to track different information, making it hard to share a complete picture of each student’s life. Plus, compiling performance reports was laborious and time-consuming.

Other cities and schools wanted to implement the CAS-Carrera program, so the organization needed to find a much easier way to grow quickly. CAS-Carrara needed a centralized, cloud-based system with a unified database and integrated applications. They also wanted each staff member to see a personalized view of the data, with minimal effort or training required. All the data needed to be fully accessible by all staff and a variety of partners, with instant updates on program milestones and student performance.


CAS-Carrera looked at a lot of different solutions and chose to use the Salesforce Platform®, using Skuid to create a completely customized user experience. With Skuid, CAS-Carrera can display different views of data to different users, while dramatically accelerating adoption with a simple, clean, and fast user interface.

Field and headquarters staff collect and calculate data quickly with real-time Skuid components such as tables and calendars. They constantly compare collected data to city, state and national averages for detention, substance abuse, suspension, pregnancy, and violence so they can respond to student issues immediately. CAS-Carrera uses analytics to bill Donor-investors based on specific program outcomes.

Social features made a big difference. CAS-Carrera needed a way to quickly communicate and keep up with what others in the organization were doing for children. With Skuid, staff can now access Salesforce Chatter within key areas of the user interface, automatically sending updates as children receive services.


The Skuid solution has been deployed to over 200 staff across the U.S., including remote workers using iPads who can access and update mission-critical information quickly from anywhere. With the Skuid user interface, staff data entry time has been cut by 50%. Plus, ongoing user interface iterations have become simple, fast and straightforward. Serosh Shahid, CAS-Carrera Data Services Manager, states, “Skuid is quick, it’s instant. We can see live results as they are made, instead of waiting for a developer to get back to us.”

According to Founder of the program, Dr. Michael Carrera, “With Skuid on the Salesforce Platform, we capture a more complete, real-time view of every student. Having all this data at our fingertips makes a big difference in our ability to help young people develop and thrive.”

CAS-Carrera staff get up to speed more quickly. Workflows and wizards guide staff through each milestone from start-up to implementation. Because people train faster, support time and costs have declined. Gregory Denizard, Deputy Director states, “One of the best things about Skuid is that anyone can really jump on and dive in immediately—without any pre-existing knowledge.”

The staff can also instantly input and view information that once took months to compile. Immediate access to data means staff can address student issues more quickly. Field workers save time and improve accuracy by recording their work from the road.

“Everyone at CAS has different needs,” says Denizard. “Skuid has allowed us to be very strategic with our data, and helped us provide it to the people who need it, in the most effective way possible.”

“Having all this data at our fingertips makes a big difference in our ability to help young people develop and thrive.”

Dr. Michael A. Carrera, Founder, The Children’s Aid Society Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Program