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Case Study: NCF (Non-profit)

NCF reinvents the grant-making process.

National Christian Foundation (NCF) needed to reinvent the giving and granting process through an online portal for donors. They also needed to upgrade their back office operations. Using Skuid, NCF rolled out a powerful new online donor portal that reduced back-office processing costs while increasing donor participation. To date, the new site has yielded over $2.5 billion in grants to charities. NCF also saved over $1 million in development costs by using Skuid instead of other solutions.


NCF envisioned a robust new donor portal to manage grants, contributions, funds and user profiles. They spent nine years struggling to find a user interface to fit their unique processes. Without expensive code modifications, NCF couldn’t extend Salesforce to donor-facing sites. Additionally, extensive research revealed a host of features desired by both donors and back-office users that could not be delivered by the legacy ERP system or native Salesforce functions.


After researching options, NCF chose to extend its use of Salesforce by adopting Skuid’s user experience platform. Skuid made it possible to move more of NCF’s daily operational tasks to Salesforce, while leveraging a Salesforce portal solution in ways never before possible.

“The Skuid solution has radically altered NCF’s Salesforce landscape,” Rice says. “The team at Skuid are masters of developing a toolkit that transforms Salesforce into a design-oriented platform with truly limitless flexibility.” With the new system, donors can open a Giving Fund in one minute and log in immediately.

With the previous system, opening a Giving Fund took seven to ten days. That’s because the previous system started with a five to ten minute, multistep application process that required an NCF team member to open the fund and send the donor a welcome package with login credentials via U.S. mail.

Donors can now also view detailed information about their contributions and granting activities while Skuid pushes and pulls financial data to and from NCF’s legacy ERP system behind the scenes.

“Skuid helped us build a system that will reach more people in a streamlined and cost-effective way,” says Jim Rich, director of product development at NCF. “With Skuid we can build what we want, in the way that best suits our needs. We are able to respond to our givers’ needs with a much shorter life cycle than anything we have used in the past.”


The NCF solution went live in late 2014 and since then, the site has yielded over $2.5 billion in grants to charities and 2,500 new online funds.

“The team at Skuid was not only technically proficient, but also like-minded and willing to roll up their sleeves and work alongside us,” says Steve Chapman, Vice President of Communications for NCF. “Skuid has enabled us to tackle this product— that would have been a huge headache were it not for the ease of production with Skuid. We have been blown away by the flexibility, ease of use, and partnership that we were able to find with Skuid.”

““We have been blown away by the flexibility, ease of use, and partnership that we were able to find with Skuid.”

Steve Chapman, Vice President of Communications, National Christian Foundation