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chapter 1: Introduction

How to continuously 
deliver business apps
 that users love

An operational blueprint for accelerating impact within business IT through low-code agility

illustration of man standing on colorful blocks, pushing the letters of the page heading.illustration of woman standing on colorful blocks, pushing the letters of the page heading.

App agility: build apps that solve 
people’s problems, fast

Do you like to use your work apps or do you have to use them? For most people, it’s the latter. There’s no reason that your business apps can’t be as loved as Uber, Netflix, or TikTok (yes, we said it). The problem is most business apps don’t work the way we work, so we dread using them.

You know the culprits—too many actions to get a task done, poor navigation, mile-long dropdowns, and the list goes on. The result is friction, and it’s killing your agility and flow.

Technology could be fixing this problem but isn’t. Sure, there are many tools that help create apps faster, but none that solve the user experience problem. Business agility isn’t just about technology; it’s about humans. Companies that ignore that truth will go the way of Yellow Cab and Blockbuster.

Business apps don’t have to be painful to use. The great ones seamlessly weave existing systems and data into useful, clear, efficient, and delightful experiences—the kind that match what you need to get done and help you do it in the fastest way possible. So, how do you build apps like these?

Having the right tools is a start. Perhaps you’ve already used Skuid. If so, kudos! A low-code platform can help you accelerate the iteration process and deliver custom apps faster. But that’s not all you need.

Combining the right tools with the right process is the key to creating apps people love to use. This requires a deep understanding of app agility—a process of continuous design, creation, and delivery of powerful apps that put humans at the center. The result is experiences that people love and adopt because they work like we do.

Follow these best practices for app agility and start making the most of your business apps.

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Understanding the user
The 5 Ds of Success-
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