Beyond Problem Solving

Though we’ve provided solutions to some common challenges here, you may still want to talk about your work with others. You know what helps? Finding a community of people working to solve the same problems as you. More likely than not, someone else has tried to do what you’re doing. In the Salesforce community, there’s no such thing as a stupid question!

Here are some places you can go to seek answers, share solutions, or simply connect with people like you.

Trailblazer Community. Learn Salesforce best practices, collaborate with other users, or find a user group in your area. And don’t miss the IdeaExchange, a place for suggesting new Salesforce features.

Skuid Community. Connect with Skuid users by asking questions, sharing ideas, and helping others.

AppHacks. Join us on YouTube Live each month as we interview Salesforce MVPs, champions, and admins. Learn about the latest tech trends, app building, design tips, and more.

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