Remove the “Submit for Approval” button once a record is approved.

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From the IdeaExchange: Approval Process - Removal of "Submit for Approval" button after a record is app

We would like the ability to not have the "Submit for Approval" button show up after an Approval process has been approved...Having the button remain can cause confusion for end users.

Within your Salesforce apps, you always want your users to know when and why their actions have an effect.

Within standard Salesforce, when going through the approval history, the “Submit for Approval” message displays even after the approval process is complete. This creates obvious confusion and slows productivity for users. Frustrations like these can erode trust in the system over time.

The solution: Create customizable Buttons Sets and reusable UI actions to prevent user confusion.

This is a user experience problem, and unfortunately, issues like this happen all the time. We can solve this challenge and others like it by using some of our favorite Skuid components. In this video, we’ll show you how to improve UX in your Salesforce apps using some of our favorite Skuid features: Button Sets and reusable action sequences for the UI.

A Skuid Button Set lets you create Button Groups, each containing one or more buttons that can trigger actions based on the page’s model. A Skuid Button Set is different from Salesforce buttons, which you can only put on an object. You can add Skuid buttons in the user interface, allowing you to put a button on something that’s not necessarily an object or data-related. You can also add Skuid Button Sets to other Skuid components so you can put them where you need them to add clarity in your UI.

Additionally, you can use Skuid Button Sets to create a reusable action sequence that you can use elsewhere on the page, almost like a snippet. Building reusable action sequences is kind of like getting your recipe ingredients ready for cooking. They provide a huge efficiency gain.

Ultimately, the goal should be minimizing confusion for your end user. You could easily solve the “Submit for approval” challenge above by showing some love and attention to the user interface. Buttons and reusable actions help you create a better user experience, optimize performance, and surface the right data, exactly when people need to see it.‍

Key takeaways

  • Don’t be limited to data-only buttons.
  • Use buttons strategically in the user interface to add clarity for an end user.
  • Recycle your great work with reusable UI actions and supercharge your productivity.


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