Enable Dynamic Forms and Dynamic Actions in Communities.

From the IdeaExchange: Enable Dynamic Forms & Dynamic Actions for the Communities interface

The new Dynamic Forms & Dynamic actions components are an amazing feature for the Lightning interface. These features should be extended to the Community Cloud so that we can enable these features for Employee, Customer, and Partner communities. 

The pandemic exposed a need for better digital processes. All of a sudden, businesses required experiences that were highly reliable, branded, and human-centered. 

Salesforce Lightning Communities are one way to make that happen, but they don’t yet support Dynamic Pages. That’s where Skuid can help.

The solution: Deploy a dynamic page to a Lightning Community.

In this video, we show how we built an Account record detail page using Skuid and deployed it as a custom component in a Lightning Community. With this approach you can:

  • Give users a Dynamic Form experience, including conditionally rendered fields and formatting, when they’re interacting with information on that standard object in the Community.
  • Make changes in one place that will persist across all of your Lightning Communities.
  • Rapidly prototype an experience and put it in front of your users to ensure you’re meeting their requirements.

Key takeaways

  • Create experiences that prioritize human-centered design.
  • Set up a robust Lightning component in just a few minutes.
  • Provide users with the right tools where they actually do their work.
  • Save time and frustration by quickly prototyping requirements.


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