Allow inline editing on list views with multiple record types.

From the IdeaExchange: Allow inline editing on list views containing multiple record types

Currently in line editing in list views is only available if you are viewing a single record type...Please make it possible to have in line editing on list views containing multiple record types.

Admins use record types for many different things—from defining page layouts in Salesforce to defining processes. So, the ability to edit multiple record types inline within a single list view is a highly requested feature. You can’t do this out of the box yet, but that’s where Skuid can help.

The solution: Take control of your page layouts in Salesforce Lightning. 

Skuid treats record types like any other reference field. That means you can easily pull record types into Skuid forms and tables, giving you more control to support how your users work. 

In this video, we show an Account list page created using Skuid that displays all our accounts, across all Account record types (i.e., not confined to just one record type at a time). In this example, we chose a picklist to display the record type, but you can choose any other type of field for display. 

As we edited the Account list, depending on the record type we chose, the next dropdown only displayed options relevant to that record type, respecting the dependent picklists configured in Salesforce.

How do you get all this data on a page in the first place? You can bring as many different objects as you need—related or unrelated—into a single Skuid page using a Skuid model. You can filter data by applying model conditions, and use logic based on record type to determine page layout and actions. 

Key takeaways

  • Skuid inherits your data model and process automation in Salesforce.
  • You can take advantage of Salesforce’s powerful data modeling capabilities and unleash that power with Skuid.


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