Chapter 3

Build beautiful UIs in Experience Cloud, without code.

The goal of Salesforce Experience Cloud is to help “brands build websites, portals, mobile apps, and many other digital touch points to engage with customers — and digitize business processes to move faster in our online-first world.”

During the pandemic, customers scrambled to get products and services to market fast. They also needed the agility to react to changing market conditions.

Experience Cloud aims to solve these challenges, but if you want to customize beyond the provided templates, you'll need to start writing code.

With Skuid, you can quickly style stunning apps to match your brand, all without code. Our Design System Studio is a visual, declarative tool for designing and configuring styles for Skuid apps. 

Basically, it's declarative CSS. So, you don’t need any HTML or CSS to make colors, fonts, interaction states, button styles, and other visual elements of your app match company style guides, design systems, or branding specs.

With the building blocks of variables and style variants, you can set global styles and button states (e.g., active, disabled, hover) with a few clicks and then create multiple styles for any component.

If you change the way any of your variables or components look, just hit save and your changes will cascade anywhere that variant is used across your apps. With Skuid, app styling and theming is seamless, so you can build a branded app without spending hundreds of hours tweaking CSS.

Build better, for free.

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