Chapter 5

Troubleshooting on a Skuid page

All app development requires troubleshooting. As your apps scale and become more complex, it’s harder to keep track of all the data and logic you’ve built into them. Here are five quick tips to help with troubleshooting on a Skuid page.

  • Add a block UI message to action sequences. Add this before your action if you suspect that your action isn’t being reached for some reason
  • Temporarily skip actions. When troubleshooting a series of actions, it’s helpful to isolate individual actions to determine which one is causing problems. You can choose to skip an action to see how eliminating it affects the series and then resume that action later.
  • Use “skuid.debug” in the developer console. This is a great way to debug models and model conditions. One particularly helpful command is “skuid.debug.actions.loggingOn()” to log all actions that happen on that session.
  • Put a specific toast message in a branch action to see if the logic is going down that branch.
  • Include temporary tables for every model. When in development, include tables that correspond to every model in the page. That way you can double check your work as you go and see what’s happening to the data without having to guess.

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