Chapter 1


Being a Salesforce Admin is hard—plain and simple. 

Whether “admin” is part of your title, or you’re a developer, architect, or generally responsible for your company’s Salesforce instance, you own everything from creating and maintaining: apps, reports and dashboards, user permissions and credentials, your business’s data model, process automation, and mobile deployments—to name just a few. 

With so many plates spinning, it feels like you need as many arms as our namesake. 🦑 

But, you don’t need to be a cephalopod to juggle your tasks. You just need the right processes, tools, and support via community. This guide will show you how. 
Beyond your day-to-day responsibilities, you have the opportunity to lead your organization’s digital transformation strategy, drive positive change, and truly help your users. We’ll share some thoughts on that, too. 

We’ve compiled our favorite tips and tricks from working with admins over the years with one simple goal: to help you build better apps and user experiences faster.

Throughout the guide we’ll demonstrate some Skuid capabilities. And if you aren’t already a customer, don’t worry. You can start using Skuid for free and build everything we talk about here.

Build better, for free.

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