What can you do with Skuid? Anything you want.

Get familiar with the features to help you do just that.

Build with the drag-and-drop App Composer.

Build apps using Skuid’s drag-and-drop features instead of writing code. The App Composer consists of two essential ingredients—Components and Models. Here’s how they work:

  • Components: You’ll find a library of pre-built Components to create the best possible user experience. Use the Components to manage your page layout and interact with your data.
  • Skuid Models: Where the data magic happens… Choose which data you want to interact with—in real time—from any data source.

That’s right—all drag and drop and point and click. Declarative. Create a phenomenal user experience without learning a special language.

App Composer

Connect to your data.

Surface data from across sources like Salesforce®, Oracle®, SAP®, and SharePoint®.

Interact with it in one place using these data source types:

  • Data accessible through OData
  • Data accessible through any REST API
  • Prebuilt connectors like SharePoint and Salesforce

Read and write to multiple databases from a single Skuid page by linking multiple Skuid Models to multiple data sources.

Theme Composer

Unify your app design with the Theme Composer.

Create custom themes for mobile and desktop pages without writing a line of CSS. Select colors, fonts, and text sizes to change the look and feel of your Skuid Components with the Theme Composer.

If you prefer, it’s easy to use CSS you’ve previously written in a static or external resource to build a truly custom user experience.

Give your developers the keys to the kingdom.

Build snippets and custom components that are tailored to your business use cases by leveraging Skuid’s robust Javascript API. Get ease of creation coupled with extensible JavaScript options. Create a bespoke user experience declaratively and programmatically.

Assign licenses and permission sets quickly and easily.

Choose between two ways: organizationally or by specific Salesforce profile.

Use organization defaults to auto-assign a Skuid license and a permission set whenever a user is activated or deactivated. Or use profile-specific settings to limit auto-assignment to specific profiles and specify permission sets per profile—not just limited to the Skuid license and permission sets. Assign any existing license and permission set within Salesforce.

Your data is protected by your security.

Skuid doesn’t capture, migrate, or cache data on our servers—all actual data remains within the external data source, which Skuid only displays client-side.

Forget about managing multiple security protocols between Skuid and external data sources. Data on a Skuid page is already protected by the security protocols of the original data source. Your data is safe, and there’s no ugly wrestling match between dueling security protocols.

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