A guide to hiring during the great resignation

Hire faster with a better candidate experience.

The end of 2021 saw nearly 5 million Americans quit their jobs, and attracting top talent is becoming more challenging than ever before. And it’s no secret that companies need to improve the employee experience to stay competitive. 

Prioritizing employee experience is no longer optional. And while many companies are already making strides to improve it, they’re leaving candidate experience out of the equation.

But employee and candidate experiences go hand-in-hand. Companies must start viewing both holistically, all the way from the application process to benefits to retirement to how employees interact with the systems and processes that move business forward. Without this, businesses struggle to attract and retain talent.

In this guide, we’ll address top talent acquisition struggles, what creates friction during the application process, and how to conquer these challenges so you can hire the best candidates.

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A guide to hiring during the great resignation
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