The rise of “just-right” apps

7 rules for enterprise software success

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We live in a world dominated by apps.

According to Google research, the average smartphone user has 35 unique apps installed on their mobile device at any given time. Do all 35 of those apps get used on a regular basis? Not even close.

The apps people use are the ones that are “just-right”—that deliver personalized data to the right user, at the right time.

Need an example? A user creates a simple, yet powerful business app. To demonstrate its capabilities, he goes on a long run through his neighborhood wearing his smartphone. Every so often, the custom app notifies him as he runs by the addresses of prospects in his sales database, displaying personalized data on the screen with contextually relevant information. Not too much. Not too little. Just right.

And now, the rules of “just-right” apps in the consumer world have infiltrated the world of enterprise software.

Top business apps are the ones that mirror the just-right consumer apps surrounding employees and customers in their personal lives. But what’s driving the just-right app revolution, and how do you create custom apps that solve business problems—without breaking the bank?

That’s exactly what our free eBook, The rise of “just-right” apps: 7 rules for enterprise software success, is about. Download the eBook to learn:

  • How the cloud became a commodity—and why that makes just-right app development easier
  • Why you don’t have to migrate data to customize your software
  • The seven rules for creating top business apps
  • How a code-free platform helps you create apps—without the long development times
The rise of “just-right” apps
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