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Delivering intuitive Salesforce applications often requires heavy custom code, declarative spaghetti, or both. Skuid SFX unleashes the power of the platform, helping you launch better experiences on time, while drastically reducing technical debt.
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Rapid delivery

Build and customize fast, no code required

Implementation partners, app developers, and internal dev teams all deliver faster with Skuid. Cut development time by 90% and eliminate tech debt without compromising outcomes. Deploy apps using Salesforce ALM tools and best practices. And if you still need code, Skuid is extensible via JS, HTML, and CSS.

  • Robust component library: forms, tables, charts, calendars, buttons and more.
  • Client-side logic: create custom UI interactions and automation to make pages dynamically powerful.
  • The right data: connect to any object—custom or standard—in any platform-based cloud, all in one screen.

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Human-centered design

Pixel precision and UX delight at scale

Get to pixel-perfect, incorporating style guides and branding into a design system that scales across all your pages and apps—no CSS or HTML needed. Kill cumbersome navigation by helping users edit multiple records across multiple objects in a single screen. Get the user experience you need without compromising on budget or timeline. 

  • Design System Studio: from tables to text, apply your style guide with precision
  • Properties unleashed: detailed options for customizing each and every component and page
  • Rapid prototyping: test ideas early with real data in Skuid pages that you can build in minutes
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Mobile Optimized

Keep your people engaged and productive

Skuid is the perfect solution for government and private-sector organizations that need to continuously deliver branded digital experiences to their employees, on time and under budget. Use Skuid with Salesforce Experience Cloud to create mobile employee portals, performance review templates, wellness schedulers, and more—508-compliant and branded—all without code. 

  • Salesforce Knowledge: make finding articles easy and valuable
  • Wellness portals: easy self-scheduling with healthcare providers and mental health professionals
  • Salesforce Mobile Publisher: deploy a completely custom UX with Skuid, code-free

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Boost CRM adoption

Maximize your investment in Salesforce

Sales Cloud and Service Cloud offer a great data model, but getting the right UX can be a challenge without custom code. Build your sales methodology into your apps to drive CRM adoption, make calls more valuable, and close more deals. De-risk opportunities with relationship mapping. Deliver a sales or service app customized to your exact business model, or get started with our Sales Process Excellence solution.

  • Multi-edit grids: fast and easy data entry using the Skuid table component
  • Integrated sales stack: use Skuid data sources to retrieve live data from Tableau and other APIs
  • Playbook adoption: implement MEDDPIC, GAP selling, BANT, and other methodologies
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Customers, partners, and vendors

Branded public portals that drive outcomes

Make supplier and vendor form submissions frictionless, and case submission and follow-up easy and branded. Give your partners the marketing information they need to drive revenue. 

  • Customer portals: provide self-service options for your customers
  • Partner portals: Drive revenue through easy deal registration
  • Vendor and supplier portals: guide these users with dynamic, self-building forms that make proposal submission fast and easy
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Great brands trust Skuid

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Skuid is the absolute best way to utilize Salesforce to its fullest potential. It has greatly improved the speed at which our employees work.
Craig Rosenbaum


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