Expand on the benefits of Lightning with Skuid.

If you’re using Salesforce Classic, or you’re an existing Skuid customer on Classic, and want to get even more out of your Salesforce experience, Skuid and Lightning are the perfect combination. Rapidly design, develop, and deploy personalized Lightning components and full Lightning-ready applications that drive higher productivity and user adoption—and do it faster than anyone else, through the power of no-code. Accelerate your time to market and time to iterate without sacrificing capability or quality. Skuid and Lightning create a powerful, winning combination.


With Skuid, you can go further and faster with Lightning—no code required.

Skuid works like a Lightning component factory.

Your users want fully customized, personalized experiences—and they want them now. That’s where Skuid and Salesforce Lightning come in. With Lightning, you can build some apps with provided declarative components. But if you have unique needs, you’ll likely need to create customized Salesforce Lightning components by writing code. Code costs time, resources, and money, raising costs and delaying your apps every time.

Skuid works like a Lightning component factory, so you can crank out new apps at blazing speed. Lightning components created with Skuid do not require maintenance like those built with code. So, you can maintain apps simply and cost-effectively. With Skuid, you can experience and extend all the benefits of Lightning in 75–90% less time.

Mix and match intelligent Skuid and Lightning components in the same apps. Lightning components built with Skuid can talk to other Lightning components, working together side by side to deliver real-time, accurate insights from your data.

Better together.

Whether you are new to Salesforce Lightning, still running Salesforce Classic, or you’re building personalized apps on the Lightning Platform, you can use Skuid to fully customize your apps without the burden of code.

Slash code debt.
If you’ve previously written code to customize your Salesforce apps, use Skuid and Lightning to transform your experience and dramatically reduce Visualforce and Apex code debt.

Extend the declarative cliff.
Purchased Salesforce Lightning, and want to take your customizations further, faster? Get more value from Lightning by using Skuid to significantly extend the “declarative cliff,” to the point where no code is required to make customizations.

Build custom apps, no code required.
For Force.com Platform customers now using Lightning Platform, who want to build apps without writing code, the Skuid and Lightning combination is the answer. With Skuid and Lightning, get complete control of how your apps work, look, and feel—no code required.

Build custom Lightning apps with Skuid

Use Skuid to quickly build a custom Lightning app for Sales Reps to view and manage their tasks for a particular opportunity as well as create new tasks, follow-up activities, create new contacts, and more.

Watch how easy and fast it is to build a custom Lightning component.

Seamlessly transition to Salesforce Lightning.

A successful transition to Lightning Experience isn’t the same for every company, but with Skuid and Skuid’s Migration Services, you can rapidly move to Lightning.

Learn more about Skuid’s Migration Services here: