The #1 toolkit to accelerate custom Salesforce app design, development, and adoption.

Product Capabilities for Salesforce Customization

Breakthrough Toolkit for Creating Tailored User Experiences

Skuid is a revolutionary UX delivery toolkit that enables a transformational leap forward in delivering process-specific applications on top of Salesforce.

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Skuid combines three unique innovations that unlock a continuous, prototype-driven application lifecycle.

Skuid unifies data, logic, and UI customization into a single layer of the app development stack, enabling a fundamentally new model for the rapid creation and iteration of applications specific to your organization, business processes, and customer journeys.

Salesforce customization through adaptive data models


Adaptive Data Models

  • Unlock rich application UX, data presentation, and functionality impossible to deliver in Salesforce without prohibitive custom code.
  • Seamlessly integrate fields from standard and custom objects, opening up new flexibility in contextual usage of data in custom pages and workflows.
  • Enable breakthrough capabilities like multi-object interfaces, data-driven page layouts, and conditional views across teams, roles, and individual users.


Action Framework

  • Enables easy and flexible configuration of complex application logic to determine how end users uniquely input and interact with data—without writing any code.
  • Allows creation of reusable action sequences and UI interactions that can be triggered based on manual actions, data conditions, user types and more.
  • Delivers powerful capabilities like dependent page layouts, dynamic forms, guided processes, and automated CRUD control.


Skuid's dashboard for Salesforce customization



Skuid's UI composer that allows for Salesforce customization


UI Composer & Design System

  • Provides delivery teams with a comprehensive library of configurable UI components that can be rapidly combined to create web and mobile pages without custom code.
  • Gives you the power to create and style elements, components, pages, and full design systems so your branding and desired UX can be applied consistently without writing HTML or CSS.
  • Fully accommodates your unique design needs, allowing you to go beyond pre-built UI components, interactions and styles with extension points for custom components, JS, HTML, and CSS.
United Capital

Skuid makes data actionable on every single screen. There is no other tool you can bolt on and say that. Skuid is a quantum difference.

Brandon Gage, Senior Vice President of Technology