Skuid Platform

Design and deploy customized enterprise applications up to 90% faster.

Design. Deploy. It’s just that simple. Skuid is the leading no-code cloud application platform built to quickly deliver the best web and native mobile apps, 100% made-to-order for your enterprise. No code required.

Get rapid enterprise application design and development.

Use Skuid as your digital innovation platform. With drag-and-drop, declarative application development, develop new applications 70–90% faster. By eliminating lengthy cycles of setting requirements and prototyping, leverage the power of citizen developers in the enterprise. From the front-end to the back-end, Skuid disrupts old app development processes, making real-time prototyping, design, development, deployment, and iteration faster and more cost effective than ever before.

Be the first to accelerate your projects with App Templates.

What if you could begin your application design and development with a strong foundation already assembled? Skuid’s App Templates are sophisticated apps for specific business use cases that transform the way we think about buying, developing, designing, customizing, and iterating on enterprise applications. Imagine having a CPQ, sales force automation, or partner portal application ready-made, that you can customize on the fly—all without writing code. These templates and more will soon be available in Skuid.

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“Skuid opens doors; it adds a new set of tools that I just didn’t have previously.”

Michael Barnes, Director of Administration, GolfNow

Accelerate app design and development with the Design System Studio.

Businesses today need enterprise applications that garner widespread adoption—even love. Start designing the applications that your users want with Skuid’s Design System Studio—a framework of patterns and components that can be styled, customized, and combined to create a consistent look, feel, and experience for your applications. Give your brand owners and application designers the creative freedom and flexibility they need to deliver superior user experiences.

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Deliver engaging mobile experiences.

With people more mobile than ever, businesses—and business processes—need to be, too. With Skuid’s native mobile capabilities, close the mobile development talent gap by simplifying and accelerating the process of building robust mobile applications. Harness the power of native mobile in your applications with features like push notifications, 
location services, and integration with a device’s camera. Mobile-enable business processes from sales, to field services, to inventory management, to expense approvals, and beyond.

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Powerful business applications.

No one knows your business better than you. With Skuid, design enterprise apps and manage business processes that work for you and your users. Come to the rescue of your employees suffering from app fatigue—too many separate siloed applications, log-ins, and interfaces, just to get their job done. By uniting all of your data and machine learning insights into a single user interface, and designing a personalized and delightful user experience on the Skuid user experience platform, you can build web or mobile applications that deliver the right information, to the right user, at the right time—all with little or no code.

Gain valuable business insights with real-time, actionable dashboards or portals and simplify complex data visualizations—charts, graphs, you name it. And with every screen optimized and made easy for human beings to adopt and use, you speed up your business process workflows with optimized applications and beautiful UX.

And that’s just the beginning of what you can do with the Skuid user experience platform. Your only limit is your imagination.

United Capital

Skuid makes data actionable on every single screen. There is no other tool you can bolt on and say that. Skuid is a quantum difference.

Brandon Gage, Senior Vice President of Technology

Industry recognition

Skuid is recognized by Forrester as enabling significant app development time, software training time, and cost savings.




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