Why Skuid?

Unleash agility and productivity in your enterprise.

Most businesses struggle to get employees to really leverage their business applications. Meanwhile, the price of maintaining and updating multiple business application platforms keeps escalating. You need to design, deploy, and drive adoption of essential business applications. It’s time to turn software development on its head. That’s where Skuid comes in.

What can you do with Skuid?

Skuid’s drag and drop business web app customization brings design thinkers, computational designers (engineers), and traditional designers together in a shared platform for collaborative app design and deployment. We design from the user backwards. With Skuid’s no-code web application platform, your business can design and deploy powerful, made-to-order business applications faster than you thought possible.

How can you do it?

Most low-code web app customization platforms are built from back to front, following traditional development practices. Skuid is built to support human-centered design, moving from the back-end to the front-end, starting with the humans that actually use the apps. Skuid facilitates the integration of human-centered design at every level, while resolving all the back-end data connection issues with point and click ease.

With Skuid, seamlessly unite your data from Salesforce, Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, AWS, and more to unleash productivity across your business—from IT, to finance, to sales and marketing, and beyond. Meet your digital imperatives by streamlining your enterprise applications into easy-to-use, adaptable solutions to drive higher adoption, visibility, and business control.

Accelerate innovation.

Skuid is a digital transformation platform for people to design and deploy custom-tailored web applications, without writing code. This drag-and-drop, declarative environment accelerates the development of complex web applications by up to 90%, compared to traditional coding techniques.

Elevate adoption like never before.

With Skuid, you can unravel aging monolithic systems that place too much emphasis on features, and replace those systems with highly innovative and highly usable, consumerized business applications, designed for universal adoption.

Contain costs.

With Skuid, build made-to-order web applications, with less customization costs, services projects, and specialized expensive skill sets from the IT organization. Replace expensive, low-value app add-ons with solutions that pay for themselves.

Meet demand for IT resources.

Multiple data sources, inflexible software structures, and overly complex installations and customizations call for the best of IT resources. With Skuid, support continuous delivery and reuse of applications that meet business needs now.

Industry Recognition

Skuid is recognized by Forrester as enabling significant app development time, software training time, and cost savings.

365% return on investment
73% faster development time
1 month payback period
65 hours saved annually per user