Generating Predictable Revenue in an Economic Downturn

Today more than 40% of executives have no recession contingency plan. This webinar will help you craft yours.


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About the Webinar

In Pavilion’s June 2022 Pulse Benchmarking Survey, 43% of executives reported their new revenue was lower than their May 2022 target.

With a downturn already showing its effects, making measurable, strategic sales moves is critical to weathering this storm. Now more than ever, you need sound strategies for improving sales excellence while managing the cost of your RevOps engine. Join us as we explore this balancing act and gain insights from top minds in modern selling.


Jen Allen | Chief Evangelist at Challenger

Kevin "KD" Dorsey | Sales Leadership Coach, SaaS Sales Consultant and Advisor

Jeff Ignacio | Head of Sales Ops at Forethought

Moderated by Wade Callison | VP, Sales and Sales Excellence at Skuid

We’ll discuss:

  • Strategies for increasing revenue predictability
  • Optimizing your RevOps technology stack while increasing agility
  • And arming your revenue teams to win more deals and prevent churn through better coaching, adherence to sales process, and improved selling skills.

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