Almost every industry has faced the challenges of digital disruption. Companies like Amazon and Airbnb grabbed hold of the market by delivering bespoke apps with beautiful user interfaces (UI) and customized UX before competitors realized what was happening. By the time competitors understood, they had to scramble to play catch-up. And now, it’s the insurance industry’s turn to invest in a better insurance user experience.

Why now?

Insurance companies historically haven’t had to worry about making their enterprise software systems and customer-facing insurance user interfaces more accessible because the industry is difficult for competitors to break into. Masterful underwriting skills, an inside-out knowledge of strict regulations, and stellar customer service all present significant obstacles to entry.

But while the need for specialized skills and knowledge hasn’t changed, the level of UX customers expect is vastly different. Customers who buy groceries from smartphones won’t be satisfied when submitting a claim takes more than five minutes.

And the need for customized user interfaces is not just true for customer-facing apps. Poor UX in internal CRM software eats up valuable time and resources employees could be using to help current customers or find new prospects.

Start the transformation.

To stay ahead of the game, insurance companies must invest in digital user experiences to meet the changing needs and rising expectations of their users. Insurers can simultaneously tackle the issues of consumer experience and enterprise software data quality through no code app development and customization. This white paper, “Investing in user experience yields ROI for insurance companies”, explains all the benefits that the increased speed and high level of customization offered by code-free development can bring to bear on the insurance industry.

Download the “Investing in user experience yields ROI for insurance companies” white paper to get the stats, examples, and—most importantly—the solutions. Learn how insurance companies can stay ahead of digital disruption and elevate user experiences through no code app customization—crafting bespoke apps that work the way the businesses do.