Skuid + Salesforce Experience Cloud

Faster time to delivery

Deliver quality experiences with the resources you have

Easy to update and maintain with low-to-no code

Pixel-perfect branded, accessible, and responsive portals

Skuid and Experience Cloud in action

Guided selling UI

Portal experience without compromise

Make your portals as powerful as your CRM without turning to code. Using Skuid’s Components, you can create custom list views, filtering for portal users, and powerful search & sort experience for Salesforce Knowledge. Every component has a unique set of properties that allow you to customize and configure the component and how data shows inside it, including guided experiences, dynamic workflows, and forms.

Revenue portals UI

From design prototype to go-live in record time

Bring your high-fidelity wireframes to life with Skuid, no CSS or HTML needed. Within Skuid’s Design System Studio, ensure brand consistency with a design system that removes the guesswork so your team can quickly create new pages and modules that follow your brand guidelines. Elevate the look and feel of your Salesforce Experience Cloud instance in a declarative and stress-free way. 

Guided selling UI

Modern web UX meets portal productivity

Deliver mobile-friendly portals with responsive components and robust layout tools. With Skuid, you can make customer and employee portals feel like consumer-grade websites. Give users a seamless experience between devices, making it easy to submit a case, check their employee benefits, or register a partner deal.

Revenue portals UI

Powerful portals with less tech debt

There’s no need to choose speedy delivery over a perfect portal. Skuid helps you break down silos and connect systems, data, applications, and content without incurring massive technical debt. Build a portal that meets all your requirements without needing quick fixes and patches to meet your deadlines.

Guided selling UI

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