The Skuid difference

Salesforce-native and fully configurable

Intuitive UI drives CRM adoption

Improves data accuracy for better forecasting

One, extensible solution for your RevOps needs

Sales process excellence in action

Guided selling UI

Boost your team’s sales skills

Use any best-of-breed methodology—including MEDDIC, BANT, Challenger, GAP selling, JOLT effect, or Force Management—to improve sales results. Customize playbooks for your team, tying them to each stage of the sales cycle.

Revenue portals UI

Coach your team to higher performance

Provide reps with clear, playbook-driven activity checklists so they can sell—and you can forecast—with confidence. View deal progress quickly in a clean UI so you can guide reps when needed.

Guided selling UI

Improve reporting accuracy

Give reps an intuitive UI with mass data entry and multi-edit screens to keep CRM data current.

Revenue portals UI

Know your buying stakeholders

Configure deal-risk mapping by contact role to expose gaps. View buyer relationships in a heat map to de-risk each opportunity.

Guided selling UI

Adapt your go-to-market at warp speed

Gain a bird's-eye view of all deals and monitor team performance with the sales leader dashboard. Forecast accounting for risk to achieve predictable revenue.

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