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Skuid + Lightning.

Lightning Migration Services

With Skuid, make your transition to Lightning easier, faster, and more cost-effective. If you’re using Salesforce Classic, or you’re an existing Skuid customer on Classic, and want to get even more out of your Salesforce experience, Skuid and Lightning are the perfect combination. Empower your users to be more productive with intuitive apps people love to use.

Make it easier to move to Lightning.

Leverage Skuid for a seamless transition.

If you’ve customized your Classic environment with VisualForce pages, the migration to Lightning may require you to rewrite those customizations in the new Lightning framework. This can add cost and complexity to your project. With Skuid’s Migration Services, you can accelerate your move to Lightning. Transform your Salesforce Classic customizations to native Lightning 90% faster than rewriting with code. If you are an existing Skuid customer, seamlessly move your Skuid pages from Salesforce Classic to Lightning, without losing the amazing user experiences you’ve already crafted with Skuid.

Work directly with Skuid Professional Services to craft custom migration strategies built around your unique Salesforce orgs.

Our service ensures:

  • Rapid migration to Lightning
  • Minimal business interruptions
  • Maximum Skuid functionality within Lightning—and any future Salesforce updates
  • Reduced code debt with simple, code-free, ongoing iteration and maintenance
  • Elegant Lightning Experience look and feel
  • Salesforce orgs that stand the test of time


Skuid + Lightning are better together.

Users today demand fully personalized experiences, delivered at the speed of business. With Lightning, you can build apps through declarative Lightning components. But if you have unique needs that require you to create custom pieces in Lightning, beyond out-of-the-box components, you’ll likely need to write code. Code involves more resources, raises costs, and takes up more time—every time.

With Skuid, there is a faster way to create custom Lightning components that are simpler to maintain than Javascript and APEX code—which often require outside expertise to handle. Mix and match intelligent Skuid and Lightning components that talk to each other on a single page, so that you can get real-time, accurate insights in your apps. Experience and expand on all the benefits of Lightning in a fraction of the time and expense.

Moving Classic apps to Skuid

If you’re an existing Salesforce Classic customer, moving to Lightning with Skuid is lightning fast. First, you’ll recreate your Salesforce Classic apps in Skuid through the ease of drag-and-drop. Then, you’ll migrate your Skuid apps to Lightning.

Watch how easy it is to move from Classic to Skuid in this short video:

Moving Skuid apps to Lightning

Once you’re an existing Skuid customer, you can migrate your Skuid apps to Lightning in record time. Watch our Skuid solutions engineer migrate this page in less than five minutes:

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