Skuid 101

An introduction to Skuid

Think of this as your very own set of water wings as you wade into the vast ocean of designing business apps with Skuid. This two-day training is an introduction to the fundamentals required to create custom Skuid apps. Get practical, hands-on experience by applying what you learn to solve real problems.

Who should take this course?

Are you new to Skuid? Or, do you have some experience using Skuid but just want to make sure you have a basic understanding of our product? Then this course is perfect for you.


Before taking this course, we recommend you have a solid understanding of your organization’s cloud computing services. The Skuid team will send you info about pre-req’s about a week prior to the course – so keep your eyes peeled!

When you complete this course, you’ll be able to…
  • Explain the concepts of Skuid Models and Components
  • Design bespoke user experiences with Skuid apps that meet your unique business needs
  • 2 days
Delivery format
  • Instructor-led training in a classroom setting
  • Provides foundational concept definitions, demonstrations, hands-on exercises, and personalized instruction

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