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CRM Application Development

Completely customize your CRM experience—no code required.

Your CRM is the secret to success for your sales, marketing, and services and support teams. From lead management to case management, work smarter and more efficiently. With Skuid CRM app development, you can rapidly design, develop, and deploy CRM apps that customize and standardize the way your teams work.

Skuid's CRM Application workbench

Elevate CRM adoption.

Sales and marketing professionals are mobile and on-the-go. They need consumerized user experiences, so they can spend more time driving revenue and less on administrative tasks. Otherwise, CRM adoption suffers, skewing data and forecast visibility, which ultimately impacts revenue goals. If their CRM app does not work the way they do, sales and marketing professionals will abandon the systems of record in order to keep pace.

With Skuid’s intuitive platform, your CRM app development will drive adoption and delight of your CRM apps. Give users interfaces, dashboards, and tabs that they recognize and find easy to use. With Skuid CRM app development, organize track, and nurture leads, opportunities, cases, and customers to drive revenue success—all without writing code.


We didn’t want to change the way we work to fit a product. We wanted a product that would work exactly how our people work.

Dan Miller-Smith, Director of Sales

Streamline operations and automate repetitive sales and marketing tasks.

With Skuid CRM app development, streamline multiple applications and instances into a single business application to make more meaningful, strategic business decisions now and in the future. With Skuid’s pre-built data integrations, you can interact with your data sources (such as Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle CRM, DocuSign, SQL, OneSource, Amazon, RainKing, Box, Pardot, Marketo, ServiceNow, and more), without having to write any code. Identify what’s working and what’s not with quality and timely data on opportunities, customers, and employees. Find and engage the right customers so you can scale and grow revenue faster. Put the focus on generating leads and increasing pipeline with increased visibility and more efficient processes.