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"Skuid has freed me up to build what I want."

Anyone can use Skuid to create their dream application—especially developers. As a developer, you can use Skuid to build enterprise-grade applications for multiple use cases within tight deadlines. In addition to the customization you get with Skuid’s drag-and-drop components and built integrations to multiple data sources and services, you can dramatically extend Skuid implementations by developing your own drag-and-drop components, as well as extending with Skuid’s API. Create powerful in-page extensions with JavaScript snippets, custom Skuid components tailored for your use case, or a beautifully-styled user interface. The sky is the limit.

Build, deploy, scale, and manage your apps.

An enterprise application development toolkit built for developers

Built by developers, for developers.

Skuid was built by developers who understand how difficult and time-consuming it is to write code to build enterprise grade applications. So to make it easy, they made Skuid. But Skuid engineers also know there are times where you may want to extend Skuid with your own code. That’s where the Skuid API and extension capabilities come in.

In the same way that you use Skuid to create your UX, you’ll be using the same developer tools we employed to build our product to extend yours. So what does that look like?

  • Extending Skuid with JavaScript
    JavaScript is essential to extending Skuid as a developer. You’ll be writing and debugging Javascript while leveraging Skuid’s robust API.
  • Styling your Pages with CSS
    While it is best practice to use Skuid’s Theme Composer for styling your overall user experience, there are instances where creating custom CSS can greatly benefit your Skuid implementation.
  • Invoking existing Logic
    You may have already written server-side code to support your business needs. No need to abandon it—you can call existing methods with REST interfaces, AWS Lambda, or Salesforce Apex easily if there is a need.

Enterprise application development your way

Build and scale your enterprise grade apps the way you need to.

Whether you’re building user workflows, visualizing data, creating mobile apps, adding voice and text chat, managing IoT, or integrating data-driven insights via machine learning, you can always create innovative solutions with Skuid. Skuid is designed for developer control and flexibility, abstracting and simplifying “common” engineering tasks like re-engineering old apps and writing repetitive boilerplate code. With Skuid, you can spend more time on mission-critical projects and features.

And after you put all that work into building your app, rest easy knowing that it’s scalable with Skuid. As needs change, flex your app to meet them—without the headache. If your project is dynamic and might be heavily revised multiple times before and after “the end,” using Skuid keeps you from starting over. Instead of rewriting code, configure with Skuid’s drag-and-drop App Composer.

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“There are absolutely times when you need to write code. A truly good “no-code” solution should make the common tasks easy and the uncommon tasks possible. Skuid is great at letting you do just that.”

Zach McElrath, Skuid co-creator and principal software engineer

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Get seamless team development & Dev Ops integration.

Use Skuid’s CLI to integrate team development with your version control process using Git or other systems, as well as custom CI flows. You can also use it for programmatic control of deployments between environments.

In addition, use Skuid to create custom management consoles for your infrastructure and then iterate quickly as your environment changes.

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