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Energy App Development

Adapt to the shifts and pace of the energy world.

The energy industry is always shifting. In an environment where price can fluctuate on a dime and supply and demand is increasingly complicated to manage, top companies are foregoing business-as-usual. With Skuid, leverage existing systems and rapidly customize, design, develop, and deploy energy apps that drive business value and that people love to use—all without writing code.

Create your own digital transformation.

Today’s energy industry is changing by the day, and companies need to modernize the way they accommodate mobile field service teams, allocate jobs, work within multi-vendor systems, and even manage labor. Real-time communication between field workforces and central systems is critical.

With Skuid enterprise web software without code, energy customers are eliminating paperwork and spreadsheets in favor of automated processes. The result is real-time business operations that deliver value. From mobile apps that provide real-time visibility over critical operations, to employee tracking and payments, elevate adoption and efficiency to drive your own digital transformation.

Major energy company saved $800,000/year with business app created without code.

Major energy company

Skuid Enterprise Apps Gallery - CEO dashboard and ERP Application example

Improve data and process management.

To stay ahead as trends and trades shift, energy companies need excellent data management to know what’s in their pipeline, and what’s in their future. Mergers and acquisitions may lead to more revenue, but often leave disjointed systems, processes, and teams in their wake. Energy companies need business applications that help them become masters of change management.

With Skuid enterprise web software without code, streamline your tech stack into a single application to make more strategic business decisions. With complex data visualizations, forecast revenue and uncover valuable opportunities with real-time views of key metrics and leading indicators.

GE Oil & Gas increased new deals created.

Process management
Opportunity management
CEO dashboard