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Healthcare App Development

Simplify the healthcare journey.

There is no one-size-fits-all in today's extended healthcare enterprises. If the application does not fit needs, adoption drops. With Skuid's no code web app customization platform you can rapidly design, develop, and deploy healthcare apps that drive business value and that people love to use—all without writing code.

Streamline processes and deliver superior experiences.

Today’s healthcare industry is more complex than ever, and organizations are pressured to deliver simplified patient experiences. But with healthcare enterprises becoming more distributed and extended than ever, even the most well-intentioned professionals resort to paper-based systems and manual processes in order to meet the pace of patient care.

Mobile, easy-to-use apps are the key to success in accommodating real-time patient care. With Skuid’s no-code web app customization platform, create a world-class experience for patients, providers, and payers alike. With Skuid’s pre-built data integrations, you can interact with your data sources (such as Salesforce Healthcloud, Microsoft Dynamics, Coupa, SAP, Oracle, DocuSign, SQL, Amazon, Box, Marketo, ServiceNow, and more), without having to write any code.

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Excel in HIPAA compliance and quality assurance.

Patient care benefits the most when data can easily, and securely, move from one provider to another within a healthcare enterprise. The power of Skuid’s no code web app customization platform lies in the ability to bring together data your providers need, within a cohesive user experience. You can connect all your data sources into one easy-to-use interface for the healthcare professional on-the-go.

With Skuid’s no-code platform, build web and mobile applications that incorporate highly complex rules and logic, without sacrificing an excellent user experience. Rapidly iterate on those applications as quickly as regulations and business needs change.

Process management
Case management
Regulatory compliance
Quality assurance