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Higher Education App Development

Eliminate barriers to better education.

Digital transformation is well underway in higher education. Students, educators, administrators, and IT departments and partners are adapting rapidly to meet the changing needs of today’s digital and mobile student. With Skuid rapid web application development for education, you can rapidly design, develop, and deploy higher education apps that consolidate, customize, and update existing systems so that people love to use them—all without writing code.

Streamline operations and deliver rapid application development.

To deliver better user experiences to students and staff members alike, institutions need to be able to rapidly create and iterate on made-to-order educational applications. The challenge is matching pace with constrained budgets, increased requirements on data integrity, and the hurdle of mobile deployments. Additionally, organizations struggle to leverage existing investments or systems of record.

With Skuid’s no-code rapid web application development platform, say goodbye to stalled projects and rising costs. Get new web and mobile applications to market rapidly with 70–90% faster app development times. Use rapid iterations to respond to user feedback instantly and adapt your apps at will.

Optimize processes from admissions to graduation.

To keep students engaged from the moment they apply until they walk the graduation stage, institutions need applications that make it easy to enroll, sign up for classes, manage financial aid, and do online coursework. Staff and faculty, likewise, need streamlined processes to keep the entire experience seamless, so that they can focus more on educating the next generation of students.

With Skuid’s no-code platform, get everyone in your organization on the same page with a single user interface. With Skuid’s rapid web application development and pre-built data integrations, interact with your data sources (such as Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, SAP, Oracle, DocuSign, SQL, Amazon, Box, Marketo, ServiceNow, and more), without having to write any code.

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