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Public Sector App Development

Make it easier to get work done.

In the public sector, regulations and red tape have a tendency to slow things down. But your employees and the citizens they serve need answers now. With Skuid you can rapidly design, develop, and deploy public sector apps that put all the information your users need at their fingertips and simplify operations in the office—all without writing code.

Simplify and automate business processes.

Public sector employees and citizens need software applications designed around their unique needs, as well as around complex government regulations. With better web and mobile apps and processes, provide better user experiences all around.

With Skuid, build applications that incorporate highly complex rules and logic, without sacrificing an excellent user experience—or the ability to be flexible and agile as regulations change.

Amanda Joslin

We saved thousands of lines of code. Without Skuid, we wouldn’t have been able to do all of that work in the same time frame.

Amanda Joslin, Group Product Manager

Skuid helps you gain the competitive edge with your own finance app

Unify disjointed data and applications.

The cleaner your data and the easier it is to access, the faster you can deliver essential services and plow through organizational backlogs and code debt. The public sector needs applications that connect multiple data sources into one unified experience.

With Skuid, unify external and internal mission-critical data and quickly optimize business processes. With Skuid’s pre-built data integrations, you can interact with your data sources (such as Accela, Tyler Technologies, Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, SAP, Oracle, DocuSign, SQL, Amazon, Box, Marketo, ServiceNow, and more), without having to write any code.

The Children’s Aid Society, Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Program

Skuid has allowed us to be very strategic with our data, and helped us provide it to the people who need it, in the most effective way possible.

Dr. Michael A. Carrera, Founder

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