Retail App Development

Deliver on promises in the age of convenience.

In retail, the new competitive advantage is the ability to adapt to your customers. With Skuid you can rapidly design, develop, and deploy retail apps that streamline back-end processes so that you can deliver the market-winning experiences and products in the timeframe that your customers expect. And do it all without writing code.

Elevate the customer experience from end to end.

Today’s retail business is about customization—delivering personalized experiences and responding to customer needs before they arise. To create amazing customer experiences and deliver products quickly, retail companies need to streamline every step of the buyer’s journey—from browsing inventory, to making a purchase, to getting quick resolution after reporting an issue.

With Skuid’s retail app development, build retail apps around the way your people work—and not the other way around—to ensure faster and higher-quality customer service responses, more efficient shipping and tracking, and better data management. Create customer-facing apps that make it easier to order products and track products to elevate ongoing engagement with your site.

Skuid helps you gain the competitive edge with your own finance app

Reach new markets and make better business decisions.

E-commerce has fundamentally changed consumer behavior and expectations, and companies must evolve to compete. Data is the new currency of business success. With Skuid, take advantage of all the data you’re collecting. Use Skuid’s pre-built data integrations to interact with your data sources (such as Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, SAP, Oracle, DocuSign, SQL, Amazon, Box, Marketo, ServiceNow, and more), without having to write any code.

Get real-time visibility into global financials, inventory, and customer affinities to identify new markets and drive predictable pipeline and revenue. Once you find an area of opportunity, create or modify existing business apps to respond in real time.

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