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Field Services App Development

Engagement and productivity—no training required.

Today’s field services teams are more mobile and fast-paced than ever before, so their software should be, too. With Skuid’s cloud-first platform you can rapidly design, develop, and deploy multi-device field services apps that people can use quickly and intuitively, anywhere, anytime. Field service teams can now leverage and return real- time data to improve efficiencies and productivity.

Looping real-time information regardless of distance with your field services app

Loop real-time information, regardless of distance.

  • Build custom workflows for technicians, teams, and managers with instant access to customer and employee information
  • Integrate AI and machine learning insights to surface recommended fixes, anticipate and schedule maintenance work, or proactively schedule a work order before system or hardware failure
  • Easily manage invoices, work orders, inventory, and scheduling on-the-go
  • Automate appointment reminders and work notifications
  • Manage workforce and contract labor forces
Shireen Cowie

Fisher & Paykel

Skuid helped us put a prototype together quickly, and we were able to iterate instantly. The app went from prototype to testing to deployment in just six weeks!

Shireen Cowie, Salesforce System Administrator

Customize your field services app to work with your workflow

Create field service apps that work the way you do.

Say goodbye to changing your work processes to match the software you’ve purchased. With Skuid’s no-code cloud platform, create your dream mobile apps without dipping into precious IT resources or waiting in line for the app customizations you need. Use Skuid to deliver custom experiences to each user based on their individual role. Deliver a 360-degree view of the customer to technicians, field service workers, and even contractors, and a 360-degree view of operations and performance to managers. Create custom forms and fields to track your unique products and services, and build branded customer portals to deliver quality experiences.

The Children’s Aid Society, Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Program

Skuid has allowed us to be very strategic with our data, and helped us provide it to the people who need it, in the most effective way possible.

Dr. Michael A. Carrera, Founder

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