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Sales Application Development

Drive your sales productivity fast forward.

Struggling to adapt your unique workflows into an out-of-the-box sales force automation package? Losing adoption because experiences—even mobile ones—aren’t customized? Challenged with inaccurate forecasts that prevent you from pivoting to meet market changes? With Skuid sales pipeline management software, you can rapidly design, develop, and deploy infinitely customizable sales apps that help you get smart and fast about sales execution.

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Get unparalleled control of your applications and your data.

With Skuid sales pipeline management software, provide personalized sales user experiences—from account, contact, and opportunity management to sales forecasting, reporting, and delivering executive-level insights. Streamline multiple applications into a single business application, allowing each individual to act quickly, while contributing to the whole. Leverage and extend your existing applications and data sources to create unique workflows and user interfaces for lead management, territory management, sales enablement, partner relationship portals, analytics, and even social selling.

Sales data typically sits in multiple locations. With Skuid sales pipeline software, leverage and act on real time data, regardless of where it rests. With Skuid’s pre-built data integrations, you can interact with your data sources without having to write any code.


“Skuid opens doors; it adds a new set of tools that I just didn’t have previously.”

Michael Barnes, Director of Administration, GolfNow

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Skuid inside sales application

Give your sales team more time to sell.

Your salespeople need web and mobile applications that provide a made-to-order, consumerized user experience. Otherwise, adoption suffers, skewing data and impacting revenue goals.

It’s time to create sales apps that work for your teams, large and small, on any device. With Skuid’s easy-to-use, intuitive platform, salespeople get the opportunity to do what they were hired to do—sell—and spend less time on administrative data entry and endless searches for the information they need. Tap into AI insights, like ideal customers to sell to, product cross-sell and upsell, and optimal pricing recommendations surfaced at the right time for the seller with the sales pipeline management tool. Accelerate productivity and close rates by skyrocketing user adoption.

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