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Skuid and AWS

Use Skuid and AWS to create better web apps—no code required.

Skuid works with AWS services like Lex, Lambda, S3, SNS, DynamoDB, Polly, RDS, and Redshift so that you can get the most out of your application investments. Combine the variety of cloud-based services that AWS offers with the power of Skuid’s web app development platform to deliver completely custom apps for business.

Abstract the front-end.

With Skuid’s web app development platform, abstract away the skills and knowledge required to code with APIs, user interfaces, and business logic. Point and click your way to create stunning user interfaces while leveraging the power of the AWS platform.

70-90% faster app development time
Higher user adoption
Data integration without ETL

Get enterprise apps to market faster.

With Skuid, you ​can also quickly integrate data from almost anywhere else and create a consumer-like user experience. How quickly? Around 73% faster than traditional development methods.

Amazon Lex, to create voice-enabled apps
AWS Aurora, to build dashboards and customized views
AWS Redshift, for transaction analytics