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Skuid and Microsoft

Accelerate engagement and productivity.

Build beautiful, user-centered apps with Skuid and Microsoft Dynamics. Microsoft Dynamics customization lets you leverage the power of Microsoft’s suite of tools by bringing all of your data into a single, easy-to-use interface. No code required.

Get Microsoft Dynamics customization.

With Skuid’s pre-configured Microsoft Dynamics data source type, it’s easy to access Dynamics data within your Skuid pages. Take Microsoft Dynamics’ data management capabilities up a notch with customization for your CRM and ERP applications.

70-90% faster app development time
Higher user adoption
Data integration without ETL

Beyond Microsoft Dynamics.

With Skuid, you don’t only get Microsoft Dynamics customization, you can also access data stored in Microsoft Outlook, Excel, OneDrive, and SharePoint, thanks to pre-configured settings. With Skuid’s no-code cloud platform, rapidly build made-to-order web applications that connect all your data—no matter where that data lives.

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