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Skuid and Oracle

Get more out of your data.

With Skuid and Oracle customization with cross-platform web app development, you can get the customization you need with the ease of drag-and-drop. With our cross-platform app development, business-line leaders can say goodbye to waiting in line for development resources and drive better adoption of key business applications and investments in Oracle.

Leverage the power and security of your database.

With Skuid’s no-code platform you don’t only get drag and drop business web app customization, you also get the most out of Oracle’s database functionality by bringing all of your data into a single, easy-to-use interface. Accelerate productivity and engagement and elevate user adoption across your organization with Skuid and Oracle customization.

70-90% faster app development time
Higher user adoption
Data integration without ETL

Get enterprise apps to market faster.

With Skuid and Oracle customization with cross-platform app development, you can spend less time on data integration and app customization, and more time on enterprise innovation. Businesses find that building web apps with Skuid’s drag and drop web app development to be around 73% faster than traditional development methods.

CEO dashboard with Oracle employee data
Service desk with SQL connector (OracleDB)
Access Oracle data from Salesforce