SPICED: The winning sales framework is now an app.

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For decades, software companies relied on selling perpetual licenses, but recurring revenue disrupted that model. Instead of measuring success by closing new business, recurring revenue success depends on customer renewals and expansion. That only happens if customers believe you help them reach their goals. In other words, recurring revenue only comes from delivering recurring impact to customers

That’s why Winning by Design developed SPICED, a sales framework that helps revenue teams be more customer-centric. Where other methodologies focus on closing the deal, SPICED centers on understanding and achieving the customer’s desired impact by promoting successful customer conversations and enhancing ongoing customer relationships focused on impact.

To help revenue teams use this framework, Winning by Design is offering the SPICED qualification app, powered by Skuid as a free service. 

The first SPICED app release will support Salesforce, but other CRMs are being considered.


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Business agility requires app agility.

Skuid helps revenue teams deliver better business impact faster within their CRM by removing complexity.

Poorly designed user experiences have too many tabs, clicks, and screens that halt agility and flow. When users are frustrated, data quality declines. While many tools help create apps faster, none solve the experience problem. Because it's not just about technology—it's about people.

Skuid brings a human-centered, design-thinking approach to app building, focusing on the desired outcome and the best way for humans (and automation) to achieve it.

Skuid helps you create useful, clear, and efficient experiences, delighting humans and putting them at the center of everything you do.

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