Get Support to fit your needs.

Use our self-service support resources or upgrade to Essential or Premium Support.

Premium Support

Get the responsiveness you need to support your business-critical Skuid applications with Premium Support. This package is great for businesses that require more comprehensive and personalized support experiences. Enjoy peace of mind knowing Skuid’s expert staff is available to assist with your most pressing support needs.


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Premium Support includes all the features of Essential Support, plus:
  • Five named contacts with support access
  • Accelerated response times based on service level goals (SLGs)***
  • Named primary support engineer
  • Unlimited support cases
  • Escalation updates, actions, and management calls
  • Quarterly business reviews

Essential Support

Skuid Essential Support meets the unique technical support needs of small- and medium-sized businesses. This support level provides access to a pool of Skuid-certified Support Engineers, secure case management services, and issue resolution visibility.



Essential Support includes all the benefits of the Skuid community, plus:
  • Phone support from  3am–9 pm ET (9am-3amCET)*
  • Response times based on service level goals (SLGs)
  • Two named contacts to open cases by phone or email** using the
    secure case management system 

  • Case management services from a Skuid Technical Support Engineer
  • Quarterly open and closed case reporting
  • Assigned support engineer (from pool)

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