Subprocessor List

Skuid engages third parties as Subprocessors to assist in fulfilling its obligations in providing the Skuid NLX and SFX Services to its customers. These Subprocessors may process personal data of customers in conjunction with processing activities of the Skuid NLX and SFX Services. Skuid has DataProcessing Agreements (DPAs) in place with the Subprocessors listed below:

Subprocessor Name

Subprocessing Performed

Subprocessor Website

Skuid Service Used With

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Cloud hosting

Skuid NLX


Customer onboarding and feedback

Skuid NLX and Skuid SFX


Infrastructure monitoring

Skuid NLX


Product usage analytics

Skuid NLX and Skuid SFX

Salesforce Cloud

Cloud hosting

Skuid SFX

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