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Skuid Short Videos

Watch short videos from the Skuid experts.

Skuid Shorts come straight from our Skuid Pre-Sales Engineering team. Pick a 5-10 minute short to get an overview of a topic, a quick demo of a specific feature of Skuid, or maybe even both.

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Skuid Short | Functionality - Conditional Rendering

Skuid Short – Conditional Rendering

Dec 2018

With Skuid you can conditionally render fields and navigate steps in a Wizard without writing code. Out-of-the-box Skuid gives you the ability to show the right data at the right time without distracting the user.

Skuid Short | Functionality - Button design best practices

Skuid Short – Button design best practices.

Dec 2018

Buttons are critical design elements within your applications. They occur throughout the Ui to communicate to users the available actions for them to take. Watch this short to learn three essential button practices from Chris Stern.

Guide to Design System Portal

Skuid Short – Guide to the Design System Portal

Dec 2018

Get a look at the Design System portal released this winter with Skuid Spark. The Design System portal gives anyone access to examples of what can be built with Skuid. It can also be used to get hands-on experience of some of the latest Skuid features such as templates and new Skuid Ink components.

App Composer

Skuid Short – Skuid App Composer

Dec 2018

Annie Bohlander walks us through the Skuid App Composer — recently enhanced as part of the Skuid Spark Release. You will receive an overview of the foundational elements of building in Skuid, see the sections that make up the Skuid composer, and learn how to work with them.

Form Building Best Practices

Skuid Short – Form Building Best Practices

Dec 2018

With Skuid, it’s easy to design forms that make data collection and entry more delightful. Sam Alexander walks through a sample page to bring you six tips for building better forms in Skuid.

Skuid Short | Functionality - Connecting a Salesforce org into a Skuid Platform site

Skuid Short – Connecting a Salesforce org into a Skuid Platform site.

Dec 2018

Matt Potts reviews the steps involved in connecting a Salesforce org to the Skuid Platform and demonstrates the process.

Using External Financial Data

Skuid Short – Using External Financial Data

Dec 2018

In this Skuid short, Matt Potts walks us through the use of a REST API in Skuid to connect to external financial and market data. He’ll demonstrate using the Stock Ticker Symbol field against the account object in Salesforce to filter the data from the REST API, and use the complete Skuid page as a custom Lightning component.

Connecting to SAP NetWeaver Gateway

Skuid Short – Connecting to SAP NetWeaver Gateway

Nov 2018

Matt Potts explains how to connect Skuid to your SAP Netweaver instances using Gateway OData Services.


Skuid Short – Outlook

Oct 2018

Jackie Mathis walks us through how to use Outlook objects within your Skuid applications. With Skuid sitting on top of Microsoft 365, you can setup read/write access to contacts, emails, calendar events, and tasks objects.

Connecting to Amazon DynamoDB

Skuid Short – Connecting to Amazon DynamoDB

Oct 2018

Dave Herndon demonstrates the setup to connect Amazon DynamoDB data to your Skuid instance.

Chart Actions

Skuid Short – Chart Actions

Oct 2018

Jackie Mathis walks us through Skuid chart actions—what they are, where to use them most effectively, and some examples.

Lightning Components Using SAP Data

Skuid Short – Lightning Components Using SAP Data

Oct 2018

With Skuid as your Lightning component factory, you can build custom Lightning components that interact with SAP data, using With Skuid as your Lightning component factory, you can build custom Lightning components that interact with SAP data, using Skuid, all without writing any code. In this short, Matt Potts demos how to pull SAP data into a Skuid page, and turn that page into a Lightning Component.

Lightning Component

Skuid Short – Lightning Component Factory

Oct 2018

Companies today are expected to provide multiple digital experiences, and to keep them consistent across devices. With the Skuid composer you can build a single app, and deploy it everywhere, including natively for IOS and Android devices. Allen Rendel gives an overview of the possibilities for building for Mobile in Skuid.

Cross Object Detail Drawer

Skuid Short – Cross Object Detail Drawer

Sept 2018

Chris Stern addresses a common business challenge: bringing data from across multiple objects or sources into a single screen. Chris will demonstrate how to solve this problem using a cross-object detail drawer. He’ll show how to create a new model for each Object or Data Source, and how to use the Skuid Actiion Framework to unify the experience.

A Quick Intro to Skuid

Skuid Short – A Quick Intro to Skuid

Sept 2018

Danny Gans gives a 6-minute introduction to the Skuid Platform.

Salesforce and SAP Together at Last

Skuid Short – Salesforce and SAP Together at Last

Sept 2018

Danny Gans shows how easy it can be to build an app in Skuid that displays data from multiple systems on a single screen— in this case, Salesforce and SAP.

Skuid with Salesforce Lightning

Skuid Short – Skuid with Salesforce Lightning

Sept 2018

Skuid and Salesforce Lightning are a formula for rapid innovation. In this short, Allen Rendel demonstrates how with Skuid, you can go further and faster with Lightning, without writing code.

Design System Studio

Skuid Short – Design System Studio

Sept 2018

With the Skuid Design System Studio, released with Skuid Spark, you can create beautiful, cohesive design systems for your Skuid apps, without writing code. Whether you are a designer by trade or necessity, you can establish a stunning look and feel across your apps. Sam Alexander walks through the DSS, showing how much variation and control you can now access.

Interactive Wrappers

Skuid Short – Interactive Wrappers

Aug 2018

Skuid wrappers make it easy to group and organize the content of your Skuid components. As of the Millau 11.2 release, you can add interactions to the wrapper itself, not just the components inside the wrapper. Matt Potts demonstrates such interactions as “click,” “swipe,” and “press,” and where to use them effectively.

Lightning Auto-Sync (Millau 11.2)

Skuid Short – Lightning Auto-Sync (Millau 11.2)

Aug 2018

With the Lightning Auto-Sync feature, Skuid pages can communicate seamlessly with standard Lightning components, sending out and responding to events that update Salesforce data. Matt Potts gives a helpful walkthrough and demonstration of this feature, released in Skuid Millau 11.2.

Outputs of Model related actions (Millau 11.2)

Skuid Short – Outputs of Model related actions (Millau 11.2)

Aug 2018

In this Skuid short, Matt Potts gives you a walkthrough of how to re-use the output of model-related action types, such as “create new row(s)” or “query model,” within an Action Sequence or set of actions. He’ll also give you other tips to maximize Skuid actions during a build.