Increase user adoption and productivity

Skuid helps you connect data from your existing platforms and customize workflows for your needs, all without code. Drive business success quickly and cost-effectively, without sacrificing user experience.

Revenue Operations

Increase in pipeline production by 50%

Guide reps through your customized sales methodology based on logic you define.

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“Skuid has given us one place to connect all of our information, which we had not been able to do before. Because of this, it prevents a lot of errors and mistakes, and also makes the sales people happy to do their jobs at the end of the day.”
Jennifer Little
Covenant Transport, Senior Sales Project Manager
People Operations

Boost recruitment efficiency by 66%

Skuid makes your people applications efficient and easy to use so people don’t get stalled by technology.

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“We wanted a technology that would let us cater to candidates from start to finish.”
Carly Fearrington
Piedmont Healthcare, Talent Acquisition Manager

Unlock the value in your core platforms

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“Our reps love a performance boost because it means they're quicker and faster out in the field.”
Nick Labrada, BioTissue Sales System Manager
  • “Working with Skuid has fundamentally reduced our effort in training, and when users look at a Skuid screen, they get it. It’s intuitive.”
    Alec Elmore
    Chief Executive Officer, OpenGate Consulting
  • 1800 app users
    “This has been a game changer. I have people coming to me wanting something new, and it’s done in Skuid”
    Michael Barners
    GolfNow, Director of Administration
  • “Skuid has been very helpful for us. It was incredibly simple for us to put together a proof of concept, and then to take that and build a new tool for them.”
    Vineet Kumar
    Fujitsu, Solution Architect

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making a move in chess

Four challenges preventing sales teams from closing more deals

Four challenges preventing sales teams from closing more deals

Each member of your sales team works a little bit differently. They have their specific communication preferences, their own schedule for talking with customers and prospects, and a unique perspective on where and when to use technology during the sales process. 

Susan Miltenberger

Townson University

Townson University

Towson University streamlines and redesigns its online hub with Skuid

Skuid tip - Responsive grid, presented by Huyen York, Demo Extraordinaire

Responsive grid | Skuid tip of the week

Responsive grid | Skuid tip of the week

Responsive grid gives you numerous options for organizing page layout. This is critical when building an interface to work on different devices. The responsive grid includes one (or more) divisions that house other components: the width and spacing attributes of the divisions determine how those components display. Achieve the layout you desire and make your pages powerful on any screen size using responsive grid!

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