For humans. By humans.

We’re more than just a fun name. Skuid has been making enterprise apps more human since 2013.

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Our Vision
Skuid started with the simple belief that enterprise software should stop forcing people to behave like machines. Instead, apps should behave more like the people who use them, so everyone can thrive in the digital world.
Our Culture

It's about real community

Humble experts

Humility is not thinking less of ourselves, but thinking about ourselves less. Practically, this means we listen to learn, communicate transparently, and apply our knowledge and experience for the benefit of others.

Design thinkers

To solve problems, we engage both empathy and critical thinking—our hearts and heads—using a beginner's mind to create the most desirable, feasible, viable and human solutions for our customers.

Caring heroes

Heroes get amazing things done. Caring heroes do so without unintended damage to relationships along the way. We strive to care exactly this way for our customers, partners, local communities, and each other.

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Job Openings

If your idea of a good job is “a paycheck and a spot to work,” please don’t apply.

We’re looking for people who like to collaborate—who grow a culture of “we” vs. “me.” We reward transparency, honesty, and humility. If you think our name is fun, just wait until you meet our people. No pretense here. We just want to make our customers very, very happy and we’re willing to do whatever it takes to make that happen.

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