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Deliver apps faster than ever without compromising your system’s integrity.

United Capital saves over 56 person-weeks

United Capital chose Skuid to revamp its Salesforce user experience.

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Full Skope helps banks disburse over $250 million in PPP loans

When the pandemic hit, Full Skope needed to provide banks with a loan product for businesses applying to the U.S. Small Business Association’s Paycheck Protection Program (PPP). It used Skuid to quickly respond to this time-sensitive market demand.

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Fujitsu builds app 70% faster, reducing cost by 35%

Skuid helps Fujitsu create a 360° view of its clients through an enhanced CRM experience.

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reduction in overall cost


increase in user adoption


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“Skuid allows us to iterate at the drop of a hat. This program didn’t launch with a lot of information and requirements changed frequently...the fact that Skuid helped us adapt in real time has been a huge benefit.”
Doug Hogan
Doug Hogan

CEO at Full Skope

Full Skope

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