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Generic Salesforce applications rarely match the unique needs of your people.

That kills adoption, productivity, and ROI. That’s why thousands of builders use Skuid to create custom digital experiences for millions of users, dramatically increasing Salesforce adoption and innovation—up to 10 times faster.

Skuid connects to Salesforce and Lightning to create powerful apps that people actually want to use. Users can create custom objects, drag-and-drop UI, visual data models and more. To see Skuid in action, request a demo or start building for free.

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Human apps, built by real humans, for real humans.

Get a taste of what to expect in your customized demo. Check out some of the real humans who build awesome apps with Skuid.

Opening air quotes
"I recently built a CRM dashboard with Skuid in under 30 minutes. The coolest part of the app is that in one step-by-step form, users can quickly create a new account and its associated contacts and opportunities."
Huyen York
Huyen York

Product Marketing Engineer

Huyen helps build Skuid demos that you may have seen on our website. She enjoys putting herself in the users’ shoes to break down complexity and improve human-friendliness when building a user interface. When not Skuid building, she loves hiking, rock climbing, and doing both of those things with her husband and her well-spoiled dog.  

We speedily created a scalable solution to a crucial business problem, without missing deadlines or ramping up costs. This is what digital transformation looks like.”
Chris Stern
Chris Stern

Senior Pre-sales Engineer

Chris is a passionate puzzle solver and technology tinker-er who thinks Beta is more fun than GA. He loves helping teams create solutions that get users pumped about the possibilities with Salesforce and Skuid! He recently built a mobile restaurant app for online orders and pickups (cheers for 2020...).

“UX must be a key ingredient in digital transformation projects. Today’s workforce is accustomed to using apps like Facebook and Spotify, and they expect your internal apps to deliver the same experience.”
Matt Brown
Matt Brown

Lead Product Manager, Skuid for Salesforce

Before becoming a product manager at Skuid, Matt worked with over a hundred Salesforce and Skuid customers as a solutions engineer. He loves watching Avatar:TLA with his wife, finding salamanders in the woods with his kids, and talking about unique UX requirements.

Flat Illustration showing ui components on a drafting mat.

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A pie chart ui component behind a flat illustration style character holding a tablet.