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GolfNow turns a sub-par experience into a hole-in-one.



GolfNow turns a sub-par experience into a hole-in-one.

GolfNow likes to say yes to innovation—and that’s where their journey with Skuid began. The online tee time booking service needed a better way to manage business process automation for their sales support organizations using Salesforce. That meant applications and features that met the needs of everyone, including custom dashboards and better mechanisms for data entry. And without time or budget for writing a lot of custom code.

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This has been a game changer. I have people coming to me wanting something new, and it’s done in Skuid
Michael Barnes
Michael Barnes

Director of Administration, GolfNow


GolfNow, a subsidiary of NBC Golf, is the world’s largest online tee-time distributor. They help over 3.5 million golfers book their tee-times across the United States, Canada, Mexico, UK, Ireland and Australia.

GolfNow discovered that their technology was making it difficult for them to spend much-needed time with customers, and that they couldn’t access valuable data and insights about what was happening in their business.

GolfNow had a business plan process that spanned multiple CRM objects. Users had to enter data in multiple places, whether it was in opportunities or on a specific business plan. They had to click on multiple different tabs within Salesforce to get to the right place and filter to the correct records.

“It was getting tedious for the team,” says Michael Barnes, Director of Administration at Golf Channel.

GolfNow needed a better way to manage business process automation for their sales support organizations, but they didn’t have the time or the budget to customize their applications by writing code.


GolfNow used Skuid to enhance business processes and transform the way they manage, view, and enter data, bringing all the information into a much more streamlined UI for every team. They simplified their operational processes for their support and sales teams alike, creating a seamless experience that means less time tediously entering data and more time on jobs that matter.

“We have three and a half million golfers who now have a frictionless booking experience on the GolfNow platform and book at over 6,600 courses worldwide,” Michael says.

With just two Salesforce admins, GolfNow uses Skuid to design and deploy multi-functional list views and detail page layouts for their org of over 1,800 users. The dashboard meets the needs of everyone in the organization. Each user can filter the dashboard to see data relevant to their role. Leaders can use it to gain insights into organization as a whole, without having to constantly run and update reports.

GolfNow also rolled out new account views, account page layouts, and a custom series of objects around an incentive plan for the sales team.

“Skuid opens doors; it adds a new set of tools that I just didn’t have previously,” Michael says.


With just two Salesforce administrators and over 1,800 people in their org, GolfNow sees major time-saving benefits from using Skuid to expedite development and deliver features not previously available.

“This has been a game changer,” Michael says. “I have people coming to me wanting something new, and it’s done in Skuid”

By building a single dashboard for the organization, instead of creating multiple dashboards for each specific need, GolfNow also saved time and headcount, as managing multiple dashboards would have required additional staff.

“I can’t even tell you how much money we save not having to hire developers at the rate developers charge, and not having to hire additional staff to manage all these different processes,” Michael says.

Even for complex pages with multiple features and models that need to be developed, Michael can now build these within a week. He’s able to sit side-by-side with users and build out basic proofs of concept to meet their needs. His intern built a basic page within a day.

Because the apps are so quick to create, Michael can build user loyalty and evolve the apps on a continuous basis as end users understand what’s possible with Skuid.

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